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O. Box 530 Columbus OH 43216-0530 For Department Use Only For all other taxes Administrative Review Section P. O. Box 1090 Instructions for Completing Petition for Reassessment This is a generic form that may be used to file a Petition for Reassessment for any tax. Signature Date Name Title Tel. H. Contact person if different from the person above responsible for ling this petition for reassessment Daytime tel. I. Mail this form to If excise or energy taxes including motor fuel or public...
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Hello I'm John party president of your high rates i'm going to show you briefly how to circulate the ohio cannabis Rights Amendment petition this is very important so please pay attention in order to circulate our petition you need to be a US citizen 18 years of age or older if you have a felony conviction in your background as prior to May second 2006 you are still permitted to circulate our petition if your conviction was after that date there are certain stipulations that need to be met and you can visit our website to learn more when you download the petition please make sure you print all 12 pages and staple them in order when you download the petition on the front page you will see there's a unique tracking number already printed and the date is already installed the only things that you will need to fill out will be the county in which you are going to be gathering signatures from and also the name of the solicitor is the name of the person collecting signatures as you can see here I've filled this out for Cuyahoga County which is the Cleveland area and I felt in my name as the solicitor I can only collect signatures from registered voters in Cuyahoga County on this booklet if I'm working in Cuyahoga County I'm working at an event like a fair where I know people are gonna be coming from other counties I need to make sure that I have a petition booklets that we can use for those folks coming in from other counties so you're going to be working a fair or a festival you need to make sure that you have multiple books to cover all those other counties as well if you're going to be working at an event where you expect people from multiple counties be showing up it's important that you keep them organized like this this is our system you can use whatever system you want to use but as you can see all the counties are broken out so if I have someone showing up from lorain county I can pull out Lauren County book and have them sign that one if I have somebody coming in from Cuyahoga County I can do the same thing by going to the Cuyahoga County tab and having them sign their petition this keeps things in order and you don't get people mixed up on the wrong petition this is the actual petition as you can see I've put in my name here as a solicitor but in the county that I'm going to be working in I stapled it here in the corner you can either statement down the side that's fine too as long as it's stapled you cannot three-hole punch it or paperclip it has to be stapled what we have here is the summary these first couple pages are the summary of the amendment itself please be familiar with if people have questions for it and that's the end of the summary here we have the committee to represent the petitioners this is the address in which all the petitions will be mailed to 1021 east broad street columbus ohio for 3205 that is the address either you're going to give your completed petitions to your county captain or they get mailed to that address...